Map of the Absentees / WEBINAR 22 JUNE 2022

Map of the Absentees:

Cartography, Memory, History of post-revolutionary Iran

22 JUNE 2022 – 5-7 pm CEST

Maps are like icons showing, on a small scale, how space is organized and shared inside the urban frame. If they are always involved in the processes of power, and they are the tool of the dominant group and symbolically strengthens its authority, they are also the tool of representation of space. They provide a visual material base to the narratives and to the discourses related to the space. Therefore maps allow artists to intervene, which means, to investigate differently on space, to represent and to bear witness to the unseen which can then get a precarious visibility.The Map of the Absentees, gathered narrations of fifteen political Iranian refugees whose exile originated in the political destruction that occurred in Iran between 1979 and 1988. They are theones who have usually been absent from the historical narrative of post-revolutionary Iran. The website of the Map of the Absentees is the transposition of a sound cartographic installation by Bahar Majdzadeh. The launch of this website will offer the opportunity to talk about the state strategies of the 1980s in Iran with Chowra Makaremi and then to discuss the appropriation of the map in the works of artists with Karen O’Rourke.
17:00: Introduction: Parand Danesh, EHESS, Chair
17:10: Karen O’Rourke, University Jean Monnet of Saint-Etienne
17:30: Bahar Majdzadeh, Aix-Marseille University
17:50: Michael Falk, Heurist, The University of Sydney
18:00: Chowra Makaremi, CNRS, IRIS
18:20: Questions & Discussion

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