Iran, 1988. Thousands of political prisoners, locked up since the aftermath of the 1979 revolution, are massacred. The last revolutionaries opposed to Khomeini are liquidated in secrecy. Among them is Fatemeh Zarei, my mother.

While the Iranian state still denies its crimes and tries to erase their traces, this film goes in search of the places, objects and gestures that will allow us to unravel the silence, when personal experience is the only thing that can bear witness to politics.

A film written and directed by Chowra Makaremi Produced by Alter Ego Production – Cécile Lestrade and Elise Hug // Image: Georgi Lazarevski / Chowra Makaremi / Sound: Olivier Vieillefond // Stephan Bauer / Mathieu Farnarier // Editing: Nicolas Bancilhon / Charlotte Tourres // Sound design: Mathieu Farnarier // Original music: Fanny Menegoz // FRANCE – 2019 // Length: 72 min // Langages : French / Persian // © ALTER EGO PRODUCTION 2019 – All rights reserved

Promotion / Distribution: +33 (0)2 38 80 79 44 / info@alterego-prod.com

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Etats Généraux du Film Documentaire, Lussas, France, August 23, 2019 / Official selection, section “Lumières du monde”

Ecrans Documentaires, Arcueil, France, November 14, 2019, Official selection / High School Students’ Best film award

Festival Jean Rouch, Paris, France, November 18, 2019, Official selection / Best first movie award

Crossing Europe Film Festival, Linz, Austria, April 23, 2020 / Official Selection

FIDBA. International Documentary Film Festival of Buenos Aires, Argentina, September 24, 2020 / Official Selection “Derechos Humanos”

Rendez-vous de l’histoire, Blois, France, October 11, 2020 / Official Selection “Historical Documentary”/ Jury’s award

Festival RISC – 13ème Rencontres Internationales Sciences & Cinémas, Marseille, France, March 27, 2021 / Feature Film Jury Prize


Hitch was broadcast on BBC Persian in October 2020. You can see the page dedicated by the BBC to the film through this link.

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