Violence partout, justice nulle part !


The first issue of Monde Commun is the manifesto of a group of anthropologists, gathered around Michel Agier, who intend to turn anthropology into a public matter and carry even the most exploding topics. By choosing to start with the theme of violence, this issue states the attachment of this group of academics to a discipline committed and rooted in the present moment: violence is everywhere, always, but how tolerable is it? Is some violence more tolerable than others and should the worst horrors hide the daily violence? When does the researcher have a duty to become a whistleblower?

The following three volumes will be:

Fake News, on misinformation and policies of lies;

Petit Citadin, mauvais citoyen, on the extent of extreme voting in small and medium towns;

Multitude migrante, to explain that each people comes from migrations.

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